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Why Our Modern World Is So Attracted to Days Gone By

In our fast-paced, technology-heavy world, many of us are longing for the days we remember, when our parents and grandparents used handmade tools, the whole family chipped in on the chores around the farm, and quiet time in the woods among wildlife was the best way to spend the weekend. This month, we share stories from those who still live that lifestyle, including a mom who left her corporate job to start a homemade meal service from her farm, a survivalist who still has a place for his granddad's hand tools, and a carpenter who's inspiring a new generation of families to hand-build their kids' playhouses.

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What kind of insurance do you need for raw land?

What insurance do you need for land? A Farm Bureau Insurance agent who works with rural landowners shares his advice on the coverage your land needs -- and what it doesn't. Read More.

Handmade Hand Tools.jpg

Hand Tools of Days Gone By

What ever happened to the sickle, the scythe and other tools that were critical in the past? Survivalist L. Woodrow Ross talks about the historic tools in his personal collection and the stories behind them. Read More.

Farm to Fork.jpg

How to Start a Farm-to-Fork Business on Your Homestead

The owner of a successful farm-to-fork meal service business explains how she got her start and what it takes to run the company that provides meals to an average of more than 50 families a week. Read More.

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How to Make Yourself Invisible to Animals in Nature

Whether you're a hunter or a nature watcher, there are secrets to making yourself invisible to animals when you venture into their world. An outdoor experts shares his methods to blend in. Read More.

Pauls Playsets Monster Truck set.jpg

Carpenter Creates Ultimate Kids' DIY Playhouse Kits for Rural Land Owners

A play set like the monster truck shown to the left can be defeatingly expensive, unless you build it yourself. An experienced carpenter and treehouse builder, Paul Gifford, shares the story of creating his business that designs playhouse kits families can build affordably. Get it here.