Tips on clearing land, installing utilities and building a home
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18 Steps to Build a Custom Home in Nassau County, FL

18 Steps to Build a Custom Home on Raw Land: Ready to make that land your home? A custom home builder in Nassau County, Florida, tells us the steps he goes through, from site prep to move-in day.

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From Raw Land to Home

When you own country land, you can build any house you like -- not just the cookie cutter home an HOA mandates. But how do you ensure you or your contractors are doing it right? We went to the experts, who prep home sites, build homes and even install septic systems to find out what you need to know.

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How to find the right contractor for your land

How to Find the Right Contractor for Your Land

You found your dream property, and now you're ready to build your homestead. But how do you find a good contractor? We get expert advice. Read More.

Where to build your house on your land

Where to Build Your House on Your Land

You’ve bought the land. You have your house plans. All that remains is to choose the best location on your property to build your home. Nothing to it, right? Read More.

How to prepare land for a home site in Nassau County, FL

How to Prepare Land for a Home Site in Nassau County, FL

Did you know preparing the dirt is one of the most important aspects of building a home? A company that prepares land for homes and buildings in Nassau County, Florida, explains. Read More.

How to install a septic system in Nassau County, Florida

How to Install a Septic System in Nassau County, Florida

When you're building a rural home for the first time, installing a septic system may be new to you. We asked Nassau County, Florida, septic contractors to explain the steps involved. Read More.

Comparing Ways to Finance Land

Comparing Ways to Finance Land

There are so many ways to finance a land purchase, but how do you know which is best for you? This handy one-page chart compares the benefits and risks of 8 finance methods side-by-side.

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Cobb Creek

+/-10 acres
2 lots of 5 acres
Baker County, Florida 32087

Finally, your perfect piece of quiet county land

At Cobb Creek the only racket you'll likely hear is the song of the birds, farm animals or maybe a neighbor's tractor. Noise and traffic are left behind in the city. When someone drives by, it will probably be a neighbor offering a friendly wave.

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Cobb Creek


Menard Creek - Parcel 4

+/-53 acres
$168,185 ($3,173/acre)
Liberty County, Texas 77327

Your dream of secluded creek frontage is here!

Liberty County Texas is a jewel. The Trinity River and San Jacinto River flow through parts of the County. Notorious Tarkington Bayou begins in the Sam Houston National Forest and works its way south where it joins other feeders, before emptying into Galveston Bay.

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Menard Creek


Wilder Creek

+/-170.26 acres
8 lots from 5.54 to 68.76 acres
Nassau County, Florida 32046

The perfect Florida hideaway

If you’re looking for the perfect Florida hideaway, Wilder Creek is the place for you. Tucked away just a few miles south of the Florida-Georgia line, escape the hustle and bustle of the city for simple, country living. Grab your fishing gear and take a short drive up Middle Road to the St. Marys River.

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Wilder Creek