We look at the science behind how country life boosts your immune system, lowers stress and more.
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The many benefits country life has on your health:

Forget hokey diet drugs and expensive gym memberships! When you live in the country, there are so many natural ways to improve your health. This month, we're looking at the scientific proof behind country life's positive impact on your fitness, your immune system, stress levels, mental health, even your lifespan!

Amy Fewell Homestead.jpg

Homesteading for Health: How Country Life Can Heal

When her then-1-year-old son was diagnosed with asthma, Amy Fewell left her job to become a homesteader, providing a healthier environment and food for her family that greatly improved her little boy's health. Read More.

Stress Less.jpg

How Country Life Helps You Stress Less and Live Longer

We examine five ways living in the country can give you a huge boost in your health by reducing daily stress levels. Included is a study that says time spent in nature can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and the production of stress hormones. Read More.

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Country Living = Spectacular Immune Systems

Would you believe soil soothes depression, fresh air strengthens your inner "microbiome," and trees' medicinal benefits can be felt just by walking through the woods? Our health expert explains. Read More.


Embracing the Light: How the Sun is Good for You

We all know to protect our skin from harmful UV rays but did you know sunshine fights disease and promotes spectacular health? It's time to embrace the light! Read More.


How to Retire to the Country

Are you thinking about moving to the country when you retire? We literally wrote the book on how to do it! Get tips on planning ahead, hiring the right team to make your dream a reality and the "small print" to be aware of before you make your move. Get your rural retirement eGuide here.


Horseshoe Ridge -Parcel 2

3 lots available, 1 pending and 3 SOLD! 

Only 3 lots are left in this tract less than a mile from Ralph Simmons State park in west Nassau County, Florida. This five acre tract with frontage on Lake Hampton Road won't last long. Read More.


Menard Creek -
Parcel 8

5 lots available, 2 SOLD! 

Just south of Livingston, in Liberty County, Texas sits a large acreage tract perfect for recreation or investment opportunities. There are 5 large lots remaining in this beautiful tract just southeast of Sam Houston National Forest. Read More.


Suwannee Retreats -
Lot 1

3 lots avilable, 2 SOLD! 

Heads and hearts are drawn to Suwannee Retreats , just a half a mile from the Suwannee River in Suwannee County, FL. Made up of 3 available lots of +/- 20 acres each you will have all the freedom you need! Read More.