How many acres are needed for different property uses, picking the right contractor, plus a look at what women are bringing to agriculture.
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The Leading Ladies of Country Farms and Homesteads

Women have held the reins on farms and homesteads across the United States throughout the nation’s history, but recent trends show we may soon have more women than men in agriculture. Why? We let the ladies, themselves, explain in a special series. A few highlights include:

  • Amy Fewell, a mom who left her hectic lifestyle for a healthier, more natural environment after her son was diagnosed with asthma.
  • Cyndi Ball and Trina Reynolds, leaders of Ladies Homestead Gathering, a national nonprofit filling a need for community among female homesteaders.
  • Mardi Jo Link, author of the book Bootstrapper, who made things work on her farm with her three boys after her divorce.
  • Jenna Woginrich, a single woman who raises animals (and has studied falconry) in New York state and has written 5 books about her adventures.
  • Brinton Fox, a young farmer in her 20s who chose the profession because of her passion for healthier food choices.

And that's just the beginning of the exciting stories we have to share with you this month. Look below for more fascinating country folks, tips on getting fit in the country and an overview of how many acres you may need for different land uses and how to find the right contractor.

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How to Find the Right Contractors

Once you find your perfect property and purchase it, the real work begins. If you hire a contractor to do anything, from clearing your trees to building your house, the quality of that individual's work impacts everything. Use these expert tips to help you find the right one. Read More.

Tal McCain Louisiana Bayou Preservation.jpg

Self-Made Man

Lake Charles, Louisiana, land investor Tal McCain shares his fascinating story, from dropping out of school to creating a multimillion-dollar business after inventing a technique that's saving the bayou. Read More.


How Many Acres Do You Need?

This Rethink:Rural series is one of our most popular to date: First, we explain how big an acre is in a quick video. Then, choose from several articles in which country folks explain how much acreage they found they needed for a hobby farm, recreational retreat, cattle farm and more. Read More.

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10 Ways Country Life Can be Your Best Personal Trainer

Forget paying monthly fees to work out at a gym: Burn your calories naturally in the country. You won't believe how many calories you'll burn by gardening, chopping wood, horseback riding and other activies Read More.

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Printable Checklist! What to ask when viewing properties for sale

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