A look at Rethink:Rural's latest, including leaving land to heirs, health care in rural America, traditional archery and more.
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Answering the Questions of Would-Be Land Buyers

For two years, Rethink:Rural has been on a mission to answer the questions of would-be land buyers and introduce them to the joys of country life. In celebration of our second birthday, we compiled some of our favorite tips and also shared new articles to answer land buyers' questions, including what kind of medical care you can get in the country, how to ensure your legacy of land will go to your heirs and how to make money off your land investment.

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Leaving Land to Your Family.jpg

The Best Way to Leave Land to Your Family

When you live in the country, land often counts as your greatest asset. An expert offers tips to help you ensure your treasured property passes on to the person or persons of your choice without a hitchRead More.

Rural Health Care America.jpg

Can You Get Good Care in the Country?

You want to move to the country, but will your medical care suffer, or will rural doctors measure up to city doctors? Rethink:Rural asks an expert about the pros and cons of receiving healthcare in rural America. Read More.

Fishing With Kids.jpg

Tips for Fishing With Kids: A Fisherman's Advice

Seasoned fisherman and granddad Jim Mize shares advice based on lessons he's learned about fishing with young children, from keeping them occupied to keeping your own expectations in check. Read More.

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Land Buying Tips: Practical Advice for First-Time Buyers

It's Rethink:Rural's 2nd birthday, so we're looking at the top 2 expert tips we've heard on common land-buying questions: who to hire, how to be sure you're not buying a lemon, what insurance you need and more. Read More.

Wind Turbines on Rural Land.jpg

7 Ways to Make Money Off Your Land

When you own acreage, opportunities to bring in extra cash abound. This guest post by a wind turbine company explains how you can make money leasing space for a wind turbine AND use the land for additional income at the same time. Read more.